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What Fonts Can I Use in PrintUI Templates?
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Author:  Harbs [ Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  What Fonts Can I Use in PrintUI Templates?

PrintUI supports Windows compatible TrueType fonts and OpenType fonts. Fonts that are not supported include Postscript fonts, Mac .dfont files, and .ttc fonts. If you use a non-supported font, you may be able to convert the fonts using a font conversion utility (such as TransType), but the results are sometimes hit-or-miss. You will also need to check with the licensing agreement of the font to determine whether font conversions are allowed. Also, make sure your font license allows usage on a server.

All font styles are supported (i.e. Bold, Condensed, optical sizes, etc.). It's important to note, that all fonts in a used family are downloaded to the web app, so the bigger the font family, the more fonts downloaded when the app loads.

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