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Text reflows during output
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Author:  Peter Spier [ Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Text reflows during output

The text in your output flows differently from what is in your template and what you see on screen when editing.

I've seen this happen under three different scenarios. The first is with a bulleted list, and appears to be a bug with how the space after the bullet is rendered in the editing screen. This bug was flagged to be fixed and may no longer be a problem.

The other two scenarios relate to the use of hyphenation and optical kerning, and are actually related in the way they arise and behave. PrintUI is not able to render either hyphenation or optical kerning in the web editing interface, and for that reason we don't support either feature. During preflight and uploading, any existing text is set to turn off hyphenation, and optical kerning is set to metrics. Style definitions, however, are left unchanged.

· In the case of hyphenation, if you replace text in a template where hyphenation is allowed by the style that is applied you will not see the text hyphenating as you enter it, but you may see hyphens in your output.

· In the case of optical kerning, the best advice is simply don't use it. Actual spacing seems to be completely unpredictable when the optical setting is overridden.

In all cases I've seen where the output is different from the editing screen it has matched the preview, so please take the time to preview your pages, and check them carefully for unexpected reflow.

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