Because PrintUI is a web-to-print and web-to-web software-as-a-service (SaaS), it is straightforward to integrate and operate. Here’s a bit of information about how it works.

  1. A graphic designer creates a template using InDesign and uploads it to the PrintUI cloud.
  2. An end user customizes the template using the web application using their browser.
  3. The InDesign Server produces a high-resolution PDF or image of the customized template.
  4. Our highly robust cloud architecture stores the InDesign templates and handles all requests to the system.
  5. We use InDesign Server to assure the highest quality rendering of documents and all included assets.

Easily integrates into your own web site

Simply add some HTML code and a bit of server-side programming (such as PHP or .NET) to call the PrintUI APIs.

Localized for several languages, including right-to-left and complex languages. And if we don't already support your language, we can provide a simple translation kit.

Native InDesign document support

Templates can be created using any InDesign document. All features of InDesign are supported correctly, maintaining full fidelity.

Easy management of templates

A proprietary utility runs on the designer’s machine to prepare the documents for upload and ensures quality control. A web-based administrator's console gives complete control over your templates.

Complete control of fonts

The list of fonts which appear in the PrintUI web application is completely controlled by the client. Besides the built-in base fonts, additional fonts can be added by the client as long as they are properly licensed. Fonts can be specific to a single template or available for all templates.

SaaS Solution

Our solution is completely hosted by us with zero installation necessary! There’s no need to manage servers, deal with complex software, or purchase InDesign Server licenses.

Graphic Control

Our web application lets end users add graphics to the design. What’s unique about our offering is the quality control built into that feature. Before the graphic is added, it is preflighted to ensure it will render correctly, and can be tested to ensure it is above a minimum resolution. Additionally, we support many file types (including vector images like EPS, AI, and PDF), and each template can be set up to accept only specific file types.

Template Workflow

For more information about the creation and management of editable InDesign web-to-print and web-to-web templates, please download the PrintUI-InDesign-Template-Workflow PDF.