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Solutions—PrintUI Announces EasyPrintUI Enterprise Edition

To address the growing demand for global marketing automation and the need to push marketing decisions and personalization to local field marketing and sales teams within enterprise companies, PrintUI has released the Enterprise Edition of our popular EasyPrintUI service.

Don’t mistake the name “Easy” in EasyPrintUI Enterprise Edition. Enterprise companies have complicated business structures but they would still like to have a quick and uncomplicated setup. EasyPrintUI Enterprise Edition accomplishes all of this. The setup is painless … get started the same day you sign up. The Enterprise feature set addresses the complicated business structure of big companies. It starts with all the features in EasyPrintUI Basic and Advanced and then adds more…:

  • Users can be authenticated via a company server without requiring an EasyPrintUI sign in.
  • Be able to import users.
  • Be able to export users.
  • Administrator can define a business structure (business units and departments).
  • Users are assigned to a business unit and department.
  • Adds a new user type of Approver.
  • Adds support for a new “form” template type in HTML format.
  • Form-by-form settings overrides.
  • A customized job can be converted into a template.
  • Let’s you control which templates to show to users by business unit and department.
  • By default, supports 150 end users, but add as many as you need for a modest per user fee.
  • Runs on a server hosted by PrintUI that is dedicated only to your company.

In addition, the Enterprise Edition is available with the following options:

  • Dedicated InDesign server (hosted by PrintUI)
  • On-premises EasyPrintUI server
  • On-premises InDesign server.

Click here for more information and a price quote.

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Solutions—EasyPrintUI Version 2 Released

We’re excited to announce version 2 of EasyPrintUI Basic and Advanced client and team portal service. This release has a focus on branding and administrative controls. For current EasyPrintUI Basic and Advanced users you probably noticed that these features recently show up as part of your normal subscription.

  • Basic Plan
    • Bug fixes.
    • History of job actions (submit, approve, download, etc.) are now shown in the job details.
    • Administrator can enable users to be notified of status changes for a job.
    • The administrator can enable the HTML5 editor in addition to the Flash editor.
    • “Which Categories” on the Users page supports:  role, email, company, phone, country, and time zone.
  • Advanced Plan
    • All the Basic Plan features.
    • Control which file types an approver can download (PDF, JPEG, or IDML).
    • Control which file types an end user can download (PDF, JPEG, or IDML).
    • Specify a default PDF preset for approvers.
    • Let approvers select a PDF preset to use.
    • Let end users select a PDF preset to use.
    • Be able to use a watermark on approver PDFs.
    • Be able to specify a message to use for emails sent to approvers.
    • Email notification is sent to users when a job is rejected.
    • Allow galleries to use “image filtering” so that images can be shown based on the template and frame.
    • Support an image gallery for replacing the page background.
    • Support numerous additional web application options on the Advanced Settings page, including adding and removing pages and the ability to change the text on the Finished button.
    • Users can now download a PDF proof before submitting their job.  Proof PDFs can have a watermark.
    • Administrators can search for jobs and also specify a date range on the Jobs page.
    • End users can search for jobs and also specify a date range for jobs on the History page.
    • Many additional template-by-template settings overrides.


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Solutions—PrintUI Expands Enterprise Web-to-Print Service Into Asia-Pacific

PrintUI Extends Technology Footprint With OEM Partnership and Integration, New Tokyo Office Location, Head of APAC Sales and Marketing

October 1, 2014, Santa Cruz, Calif. – PrintUI an award-winning web-to print SaaS-based service today announced its expansion into the Asia Pacific market. Industry veteran Joel Ingulsrud leads PrintUI’s APAC efforts and is responsible for sales, marketing, support and product management in China, Japan and Korea. PrintUI also announced an OEM partnership and integration with Visual Processing Japan, Inc. (VPJ) and their hosted digital asset management service.

“We are proud to announce our entrance into the Asia Pacific market,” said Mark Hilton, founder and CEO at PrintUI.  “We have seen strong growth throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe with more than 200 websites and we are seeing increased demand for our enterprise web-to-print service.  We are happy to welcome Joel Ingulsrud to the PrintUI team.”

Based in Tokyo, and responsible for all APAC markets, Joel Ingulsrud brings more than 27 years of experience in the digital media software industry. Ingulsrud will oversee PrintUI’s partnerships including those with Morisawa and VPJ, one of Japan’s leading systems integrators in the print, publishing, video and advertising industries. VPJ recently launched their DigitalPrint hosted enterprise web-to-print service incorporating PrintUI’s web-to-print client interface. The SaaS-based web-to-print solution is offered integrated with VPJ’s hosted DAM service DigitalAsset, online proofing service DigitalProof and online editorial workflow service DigitalEdit.

“With Morisawa server fonts in place and a major Japanese integration launched, PrintUI is well positioned to address the demand for affordable Enterprise web-to-print services in Asia,” said Joel Ingulsrud. “The roadmap looks great, and I’m excited to be joining such a strong team.”

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Solutions—PrintUI and Morisawa, Inc. Announce Cloud-Based Availability of Morisawa Professional Fonts Library

Now Available via PrintUI’s Web-to Print SaaS based service; First time premiere Japanese fonts have been made available outside of Japan.

September 30, 2014, Santa Cruz, Calif. –PrintUI a leading web-to print SaaS-based service and Morisawa, Inc. the premiere digital Japanese typography company today announced the availability of the Morisawa professional fonts library. The exclusive partnership makes available 1,088 fonts from Morisawa’s library of 37 kanji typefaces, six kana typefaces and 11 specialty and roman typefaces. This is the first time Morisawa’s Japanese fonts have been made available via a web-hosted service outside of Japan.

“Morisawa is the dominant player in Japanese publishing and we are extremely proud to announce this partnership,” said Mark Hilton, founder and CEO of PrintUI.  “Morisawa has lead the digital Japanese typography industry since 1989 with the launch of Kanji Postscript in partnership with Adobe Systems. Morisawa continues to play a leading role in Japan and the design market today.”

Graphic and branding professionals worldwide who have licensed Morisawa fonts, including the popular Morisawa Passport subscription service, can now simply upload InDesign templates incorporating Morisawa fonts. Customers then designate Morisawa fonts as base fonts for end-users to select from within the PrintUI web-to-print client interface. This interface provides marketing and creative teams a fully integrated solution for self-service marketing fulfillment including presentations, catalogs, brochures, business cards, datasheets, ads and more.

“I am truly grateful that our products are being made available as part of the PrintUI service,” said Mr. Akihiko Morisawa, President & CEO, Morisawa Inc. “As a font company Morisawa has achieved, through design and quality, the highest regard amongst professionals in Japan. I am eager to see our advanced technology experienced through PrintUI. Morisawa’s motto is Contributing to society through typography,’ which we are now pursuing by offering superior quality fonts not only in Japan but throughout the world.”

About Morisawa Inc.

Since its establishment in 1924 – the year it invented the phototypographic printing machine – Morisawa Inc. has never wavered from its commitment to undertaking leading-edge research and development in the field of typography. Today the company is involved in development and marketing of typesetting software; development and supply of digital typefaces; sales of Morisawa Document Solution, automatic typesetting, embedded font and cloud font services; and sales and support of input and output editing appliances and on-demand printers.

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Solutions—PrintUI Does HTML5

We are happy to announce our new HTML5 web editor

In addition to the Flash-based editor that we have for online editing, we are excited to be introducing an HTML5 editor. We have been working on the new HTML5 editor for the past few months. Right now it’s pretty basic in terms of functionality. It will be a process as we add new features making it more robust. Our initial feedback from our beta testers has been very positive, and we think we’re on the right track.

Setting Expectations

The HTML5 application is not a replacement for the Flash based editor. We don’t believe it will be possible to achieve feature parity in the HTML5 application for some time. One very challenging area is achieving fidelity of text rendering in HTML that matches the InDesign output while keeping the load on our servers light enough to keep PrintUI a multi-tenant SaaS offering. We are planning on continuing development of the Flash application while developing the HTML5 application in tandem.

We see two areas where the HTML5 application is preferable to the Flash application. The first is obviously for tablet devices which do not support Flash. The HTML5 application is optimized for tablet devices and is fully responsive to the screen dimensions. The second area is for form-based input. Some of our clients have expressed an interest in providing a very simple form-based approach for their users, which the HTML5 application provides.

Work in Progress

In the initial release of the HTML app, the editing capabilities are very basic. Text can be changed and images can be replaced. That’s pretty much it. We will be adding many more features in the coming months to make it much more capable. We’ve spoken to quite a few clients to help establish a list of priorities to ensure that we are working on the correct features, and the responses were very consistent with our plans.

In the immediate future we will be working on improved control over images (such as positioning within frames and cropping) as well as an HTML5 based image gallery. After that we will focus on text formatting. Finally, we will focus on more free-form (wysiwyg) editing of documents.

Setting up Templates

For templates to work with the HTML5 app, nothing special needs to be done. The same templates can be used with both applications. In fact, a document that is customized in one app can then be loaded in the other to make further edits.

However the HTML application does offer the ability to display information about the individual frames and images. Setting the text frame and image names is really simple. All you need to do is give the objects a name in the layer panel in InDesign. If the frames are named, those names will appear in the HTML5 application. Otherwise the content will display without any title text. Additionally, the order in the layers panel is important. The text frames and images will each be displayed in the order that they appear in the InDesign layers panel.

Try it Out!

You can see the HTML5 app in action on our demo page. Feel free to load our demos on a iPad or Android tablet.

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Solutions—New PrintUI Gallery Hosting

As you may know, PrintUI clients have been able to add their own image galleries to the PrintUI web editor for a long time now.  This gives our clients full control over what their end users see when they click on Add Image or Change Image while customizing a template.  In fact, if run-time options are used to turn off the social galleries, such as Facebook, and to turn off the ability for end users to upload images from their computer, the set of images can be completely locked down.

But what’s new is that rather than having to develop the code and host your galleries on your own server, you can now use PrintUI’s new gallery hosting option to get you up and running instantly.  For only $39 per month, you get all of these features:

  • Be up and running in just a few hours.
  • Use secure FTP to upload your images.
  • Supports all common raster and vector images, including EPS, PDF, and Adobe Illustrator images.
  • Full control of gallery tabs and the folder structure within each tab.
  • Users can search for images.
  • 10 GB of disk space.
  • PrintUI maintains the servers.
  • High performance bandwidth between the gallery server and other PrintUI servers which results in a better user experience.
  • Works with all PrintUI installations including EasyPrintUI, Magento, and any PrintUI Professional deployment.


Contact PrintUI to get started with your own gallery today.

Hosted Gallery

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Solutions—Announcing the PrintUI Storefront using Magento and the PrintUI Magento Theme

PrintUI is now offering Magento Community Edition (CE) hosting options, as well as, a PrintUI theme for the Magento CE. Of course, the new PrintUI Magento theme comes fully integrated with our PrintUI Pro subscriptions (Starter, Premium, and Unlimited).

If you’re looking for a general purpose eCommerce solution to integrate with PrintUI Pro we offer a variety of services for integrating with Magento CE for customers who want to host their own Magento store. If you’re building a new Magento CE store we have these options:

- You can do the installation and integration yourself. To assist in the integration with PrintUI we have our Rapid Start kit. This was $300. It’s now free ($0).
- PrintUI will do the integration of the PrintUI Pro service for a one time fee of $999 (plus the PrintUI Pro setup fee).
- PrintUI will do the full service of installing the Magento CE and your Magento theme, and do the integration of the PrintUI Pro service for a one time fee of $1,999 (plus the PrintUI Pro setup fee).

In addition now, we’ve developed our own PrintUI Magento theme that comes already integrated with our PrintUI Pro services. It includes many customization options. We’re offering the PrintUI theme itself at no charge ($0) to subscribers of our PrintUI Pro service. Here are some of the options:

- You can install the free Magento Community Edition (CE) and our theme yourself. We’ll provide you the PrintUI theme at no charge (plus the PrintUI Pro setup fee).
- PrintUI can install the Magento CE and the PrintUI theme for you for a one time fee of $999 (plus the PrintUI Pro setup fee).

For those customers who want the quickest and easiest path to getting started, we now offer a completely PrintUI hosted option, including the Magento CE store itself. The fees listed below are only for the store hosting (i.e., they do not include the PrintUI Pro setup or monthly subscription fees).

- If you want to use the PrintUI Magento theme there’s a one time $299 setup fee plus either $49 per month (low traffic site) or $199 per month (high traffic site).
- If you want to use your own Magento theme there’s a one time $999 setup fee plus either $69 per month (low volume site) or $249 per month (high volume site).

In all cases, if you want a completely custom theme created from your design files we can provide you a quote to create a custom Magento CE theme for you.

Click here for details and pricing:

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Solutions—The new PrintUI Installer for Magento

We’ve now made it really easy to integrate PrintUI into web storefronts that are based on the free Magento Community Edition (see  Once installed, the store administrator is able to easily create a customizable product in the catalog by just specifying a template name and size, and select “yes” that the product is customizable.


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